It’s the people. It’s always the people. I was fine, really. That fine that comes from not thinking and just getting on with all the practical things that need doing. The type of fine that you’ll realise years later was not fine at all, just broken pieces of you glued together by denial and practicalities. Until. Until someone in the lift asks you how your Dad is doing, the kindness in their voice, and the words get stuck in your mouth as you try to decide what to say that is both true and non-committal to his future self when… View Post


I don’t like a word for the year. There’s a story to this, of course. I chose words of the year before, in previous years (2012, 2013, and 2016 to be precise), and they have jinxed me. I don’t believe in jinxing, but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened! So now I don’t like having a word for the year. This year, there were a few things I wanted to change and others I wanted to invest in, and as I was thinking about it all I realised there was a common thread that would hold my sanity in place… View Post


The blank editor holds as much promise as it does nothingness. Some days, the promise is all I can feel. Other times, I wander as if lost in the white space, unable to give it a form beyond the freedom it offers. Today, I feel the promise. I know why I’m here. And it contradicts my top one tip for comms work – think of your audience. I am here for me, in spite of my audience, or lack thereof. I am here because I want to write and I want to write here too and I love this digital… View Post