Let’s talk about that imposter syndrome feeling some of us feel when we return to work and we’re sort of doing it all except we’re not because who the hell, but nobody wants to admit it beyond the nervous jokes about mushy brain that is actually a thing. And I’ll use punctuation from here on out. I may have mentioned a time or many that I’m very fortunate to work with some pretty fantastic people, leading to an incredibly supportive and inspiring work environment. It’s also meant that I felt safe to share how I have felt as a working… View Post


Voice is quite important, right? Both your inner voice and the sound of your voice. It’s important. It’s part of who you are and what makes you, you. I’ve always been quite partial to a good voice, like say Alan Rickman’s or Eddie Vedder’s. Or my Mum’s deep timbre. And my Dad’s laughter and forever dad voice. Except that it wasn’t forever. My Dad lost his voices. His inner voice is lost inside him, at times struggling to come out, more often than not just hiding there where we cannot see it, powerful in its absence, oh so very powerful… View Post


It’s the people. It’s always the people. I was fine, really. That fine that comes from not thinking and just getting on with all the practical things that need doing. The type of fine that you’ll realise years later was not fine at all, just broken pieces of you glued together by denial and practicalities. Until. Until someone in the lift asks you how your Dad is doing, the kindness in their voice, and the words get stuck in your mouth as you try to decide what to say that is both true and non-committal to his future self when… View Post