About me

Hi! I’m Joana, Jo, Joey, a Portuguese expat living in dreamy Oxford, UK. I’m mother to two wonderfully determined children and a fluffy cat.

I love writing, magical light, photography, and honesty. I’m also partial to a good coffee and a beautiful beach.

I have incredible friends, unbelievably great bosses, and I believe in people.

Motherhood brought about a softer side I never new I had, and I don’t mean just the thighs. I love it and I’ve never enjoyed myself more.

I aim to live a less wasteful life and am giving myself the space to slow down and savour the moment, the fleeting here and now, when the children’s skin is still as soft as a gentle breeze and their eyes are filled with nothing but all the love for their mama and each other.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing my journey.