I’m back at work from my holiday maternity leave.  I remember people telling me work feels like a holiday when you have young children, which is funny because mid-day naps and playing around in the park is more like my type of holiday than meetings and emails, but each to their own! What I would say though is that multiple cups of coffee and solo toilet trips are a work perk I didn’t quite value before which I’m now fully embracing. As a working mum (I still can’t quite believe I’m a Mother yet; pinch me!) I’m discovering a whole… View Post


Three months ago I became a Mother. Mother. Me. I’m a Mother. The boy who made me a Mother arrived six weeks early and turned my life upside down in the best way possible. I haven’t slept a full night since and it’s ok because sleep is overrated even if it isn’t, not really. There was a lot I wasn’t expecting about motherhood, like the fact that maternity leave isn’t a holiday (who knew?!), and the things I was expecting are different anyway. This overwhelming love everyone tells you you’re going to feel? Yep, I feel that. It’s so intense… View Post

when the accessory becomes the main thing

I was reading an old post on one of my favourite blogs – sadly Elise is no longer blogging with any sort of regularity – where she says: Every time I hit a digital photo with a filter or action I’m trying to get a piece of a magic that is already baked into film prints. It’s crazy! Sure, I could update my digital camera and learn how to use Photoshop better and probably have some good results. But then I‘d be spending my time dealing with endless .jpg data instead of just snapping and calling it good. – Elise… View Post