I read this sentence once, or many times actually!, about being able to do anything but not everything. This stuck with me because yeah, it makes sense, of course it does. And then I sit down to plan my week or write my to do list and I realise this mantra as really not permeated into my life or how I’m going about things. I’m in a season of life (I have mixed feelings about this expression, which is why it’s the only way I can think of to describe my right now), where time is as scarce as my… View Post


Sometimes, all that needs changing is your perspective. That’s where I’m at now – the land of little sleep and frustrated cries that only need me to look at it differently! Yes, ultimately these will still be days of little sleep and perhaps it won’t solve all of the cries of frustration we’re getting at the moment, but… I’ll be so much happier about it! I’ve changed gears last week, after what was a tough day of parenting, and things have been so much better. I feel calmer and whilst there are still cries of frustration, we just see them… View Post


My Dad had a stroke. Full stop. As I thought about writing this post, as I thought about how much I needed to write this post, that start wasn’t the start. That sentence would eventually appear, half way down a well crafted post which would have started with a seemingly unrelated story, possibly about my childhood, like they do in movies. Yet, as I open the editor and started typing, that’s what came out. I guess it’s no surprise one of my favourite books is Chronicles of a Death Foretold – it starts at the end and then takes you… View Post