Recently, my Facebook feed has been ripe with sweet memories and old treasure diggings like never before. This is a welcomed change over the usual algorithm randomness it typically presents me with, so yeah, Facebook, keep up the (recent) good work. The memories. They’ve ranged from a trip to Scotland with my scouts’ group when I was only 18 years old, all the way from Portugal on a bus (who does this??), to an in-nephew I haven’t seen since he was three years old because breakups and long distance and that, with a little pit stop on a photo of… View Post


Some days are sunny and you have coffee and this incredible urge to be creative. Today is one of such days! I have so many ideas floating around that I need an extra chair to accommodate them. I read or heard somewhere, and I’ve been searching my brain for the source but cannot remember it!!*, that ideas are entities and when you don’t use one someone else in a different time and place may pick it up and run with it, transforming it and giving it the life you couldn’t when you met it. Somewhat like relationships, really. Right now,… View Post


I’m back at work from my holiday maternity leave.  I remember people telling me work feels like a holiday when you have young children, which is funny because mid-day naps and playing around in the park is more like my type of holiday than meetings and emails, but each to their own! What I would say though is that multiple cups of coffee and solo toilet trips are a work perk I didn’t quite value before which I’m now fully embracing. As a working mum (I still can’t quite believe I’m a Mother yet; pinch me!) I’m discovering a whole… View Post