I’m back at work from my holiday maternity leave. 

I remember people telling me work feels like a holiday when you have young children, which is funny because mid-day naps and playing around in the park is more like my type of holiday than meetings and emails, but each to their own! What I would say though is that multiple cups of coffee and solo toilet trips are a work perk I didn’t quite value before which I’m now fully embracing.

As a working mum (I still can’t quite believe I’m a Mother yet; pinch me!) I’m discovering a whole new world of batch cooking and logistics-focused texts which are making me think I’m a grown up even if I don’t always feel like one. I’m mostly thinking being so in touch with my inner child is a good and helpful thing to raise little humans, but we’ll see! 

My final discovery as a working parent has been that it is indeed possible to function beyond zombie level on barely any sleep for days on end. Turns out babies compensate for their time away from you by simply being on you ALL.THE.TIME when you are together, so… yeah… had I known this beforehand I would either have slept like a sloth in anticipation or I wouldn’t have slept at all to do all the things because it’s fine. No, really, it is fine! Mostly. Nothing that copious amounts of coffee can’t tackle. And baby feet. Baby feet are the best!


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  1. 7 March 2018 / 20:09

    I just revisited the very last post on my very first blog
    and you were one of the people who commented,
    telling me you missed reading me.
    Well, my dear, I miss reading you too,
    so I came over to have a look
    and here you are, living such a different life
    than the one you lived at the time.
    Can’t wait to meet and catch up while having coffee together,
    hopefully this year,
    as that little baby of yours already has
    a big place in this heart.
    Much love to you!

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