Some days are sunny and you have coffee and this incredible urge to be creative. Today is one of such days! I have so many ideas floating around that I need an extra chair to accommodate them.

I read or heard somewhere, and I’ve been searching my brain for the source but cannot remember it!!*, that ideas are entities and when you don’t use one someone else in a different time and place may pick it up and run with it, transforming it and giving it the life you couldn’t when you met it. Somewhat like relationships, really.

Right now, lots of these entities are visiting me and inviting me for a coffee and I’m all excited at the prospect of a joint brainstorm as I sit down with my GTWB to make some sense of our conversations.

I sound random. And possibly a bit mad, I know. And I know that because I remember thinking that all this talk about ideas was a bit wishy washy for my practical self. Sure, I used to have bursts of immense creative thinking followed by plans of action and doing. Yeah, I have lists of projects and things I want to do eventually in a lot of areas (like writing, photography, knitting). Yes to all of the above, but… This is different.

These ideas aren’t to do lists nor project lists nor even topic lists for when the road gets unblocked from the current traffic that is my life as a full-time working parent dragged into attachment parenting by a baby with lots of personality. These ideas are what that unknown source talked about, coffee companions pushing me onto a creative path where anything is possible and words flow and everything happens.

But** enough of the vague talk, let’s get down to specifics if the words are so free flowing. It’s (somewhat) sunny today and I have coffee and this sudden urge to fill my notebook with a storm of things. Things that make the plans and the lists work. Things that make time for the plans and the things. Things that acknowledge lack of time for those things, but give it a framework that allows me keep coming back to it.

I’ve been feeling this all morning. Fuelled by coffee and good music, my GTWB pages are filling themselves with arrows and mental dumps and all the things that make me happy – basically, words and images and fabric and wool. For the first time in months I’m feeling energised to get the ball rolling and I know how to carve that path. I also know I’ve been just as vague in the past two paragraphs as I’d been in the previous ones. Apologies! I’m too excited for specifics. And by now have had far too much coffee and have drawn far too many arrows for it to be explicable. But know I’m energised. And happy.

Enjoy your week of ideas and blue skies!



*Sudden thought: I think it may have been in the book Big Magic, which I haven’t finished yet but really enjoyed the beginning of before it got parked for baby duties. But don’t quote me on it as a source, it’s just a thought.

**I laugh in the face of ancient rules about never starting a sentence with but, let alone a paragraph! Mwuuuuaaaahhhhh (this is vaguely how I sound laughing in said face)

***For full disclosure, it’s morning as I write this and I haven’t hit the gin nor the red wine cellar. It’s just cappuccino.



  1. 14 March 2018 / 11:51

    Well done for clarifying that it was cappuccino – I did wonder 😀
    And while you do not want to go into specifics, please do say; What is GTWB????

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