Little birds update

Perhaps you’re not on the edge of your seat to find out how my Little Birds red cardi turns out, but I am and want to share my enthusiasm with you!
Knitting is a relaxing hobby for me. I like to take my time with all I do and prefer not to rush to see the final thing. What this means in practice is that real life has more of a chance to get in the way and some projects take me a little while to finish. Cute little birds red cardi is one such project.
This project is particularly dear to me because I had to cut it in half. Yes, you’ve read correctly, I took a pair of scissors to it and just cut it – it’s called steeking and I can assure you that just because there is a proper name for it, it doesn't mean it's not painful to do it! When you spend so much time on a piece, the thought of cutting it can bring tears to your eyes. I thought I’d need vodka to help me through it; turns out all I needed was to lose my patience with not being able to progress until I cut it. So I did. And it was fine!
Whilst I don’t want to rush it, I am determined to wear it (please let it fit me!) this winter! Watch this space.


  1. Filipa Carneiro
    7 November 2013 / 21:33

    Adoro os passarinhos! E admiro MUITO a tua coragem……eu ainda não me atrevi no steeking (e vontade não me falta), mas não consigo imaginar uma tesoura afiada perto do meu tricot….isso tem de doer!

  2. JZ
    8 November 2013 / 19:17

    G & T might have helped… 😛

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