it’s knitting time

I go in phases with my knitting and sewing. There are times when all I can think about is sewing dolls, or making a quilt, a new top, a little dress for my goddaughter, or designing a new pouf pattern and testing it incessantly until I’m happy. Other times it’s the knitting; in my head, I’ll be two projects ahead, binge knitting everyday and totally unable to stop. Just one more row. Just one more project. On occasion, I’ll have a break from it all, typically in the summer… 
Right now, I’m on a binge knitting phase. This is as awesome as it is sad… awesome! It’s awesome because I’m making all these cool projects, I’m entertained and (occasionally) using up my yarn stash. But it’s also a little bit sad more awesome because I'm so focused on it all.the.time!  
Let’s go back to the cool projects though. In fact, let’s park at the cool projects and forget all else 🙂
My most recent finished piece is this comfy bright blue beanie*, using Beiroa – a Portuguese wool bought at Retrosaria; my brother chose the colour, so the hat has that extra special feel to me! It is a bit bigger than what I aimed for, but it’s so so so cosy that once I put it on I don’t want to take it off. 
I have a colour-work cowl in the making, from the book Malhas Portuguesas; I love this book and think 80% of the projects in it are worth doing, an incredibly high percentage by my standards. I’ve made two pairs of arm warmers and now the cowl, so there’s still plenty of projects to get through.
What am I thinking about next? A pair of leg warmers from the same book and a red and white colour-work hat. In the meantime, there’s also a very plain hot water bottle cover that must be finished, so I don’t burn myself each evening in my attempt to warm up!
*the hat pattern is Bough.

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