Purl Soho happy baby blanket

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A new colourful happy blanket for a new baby in the family. My goddaughter has a little chubby month old sister and I wanted to welcome her with lots of love, colour, softness and happiness. Mission accomplished.

When my goddaughter was born, I made her a happy baby quilt. I loved the process and the quilt, but I didn’t want to repeat it for her sister. So I chose knitting.

I came across Purl Soho’s Super Easy Baby Crib Blanket on Instagram. Siobhan was knitting one and was kind enough to tell me the pattern and wool she was using – Cascade Pacific Chunky, in case you’re wondering – which she said was incredibly soft. And it is! This is possibly the softest thing I’ve ever knitted (we may have kept it if it weren’t for the size… and our big hearts!).

This is one of those really satisfying things to knit – it’s happy, full of colour, fast, soft, you name it in good and this blanket has it. And of course seeing it on the little baby just fills your heart; or mine!


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