::inspiring Mondays::



A long weekend in Portugal and a sunny day make for a great start to the week. And a good day.

The colourful baby blanket – which will have its own post because I think it deserves it – was well received by both parents and baby. Interestingly, it was also well received by her toddler sister who fancied its softness the minute she touched it and wanted to curl up with it. (and no, it wasn't because it was a present for the baby because she didn't see that bit :))

Little brother and I got some quality time with each other, something I'm always grateful for and never take for granted. The joy is in the little things we never ever do together… Yes, of course I'll come down with you to the garage to keep you company whilst you hoover it and it will be the best part of my day!

Being an emigrant is not easy for me. I'm too aware of all the moments I miss out on! I never have the unplanned dinners, or weekend drop by-s, or popping to the beach for a walk by the sea, or sitting in his or mine living room watching a bit of telly together on a random evening. There's none of that run-of-the-mill day-to-day stuff. And I miss that! But let's move on for this was a good weekend and today is a sunny day.

:: family time ♥
:: cuddling my little Tommy
:: making plans with my brother
:: meeting the new baby of the family, little Rita
:: spending time with the older kids and loving every minute
:: sleeping in my bedroom at my parents in the pitch black – best night's sleep since I was last there

How was your start to the week?
I hope it is sunny where you are and that you're day was filled with happy sunny warmth!


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