training for a half marathon – week 3


This week's long run was the best yet! It was *relatively* easy, our bodies were very chilled about it and we could push ourselves. So we did!

On Friday I did my best 5k time ever. And today I managed a pretty good 10K, also under my usual. I'm very slow compared to other people out there – Mo Farrah, are you reading? – but very good for me… the only person I need to compare myself to, really!

Although the week didn't kick off to the best of starts, things definitely picked up as the week progressed; a good reminder that in running each day stands somewhat alone.


Weeks: 3 done (7 to go)
Mood: Excited and absolutely loving it! Run, Joey, run!


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  1. 20 August 2014 / 00:29

    Fingers crossed for you, sweet lady! You can do it!!!

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