training for a half marathon – week 7


I ran alone for the last 10k out of the 17.7k that made this week's long run. I did it and it was alright. Challenging at times, very fulfilling at other times, and boring on occasion, but I did it. I also know I can do this thing, oh yeah!

I'm enjoying the long runs more, especially that feeling of achievement afterwards. I'm also quite tired after it and enjoy lying on the sofa for a short post-run snooze. And watch Big Bang re-runs.

Still a bit traumatised by Headington Hill on week 5, so this route did not include a hill as such. Elevations, yes; hills, no! I'd really like to get over it quickly as it's brilliant training and as neither the Lisbon nor Oxford's half marathons have mega hills on the course,  I'd just be really well prepared for whatever elevations they do have. Let's see what the week brings!

Weeks: 7 done (3 to go)
Mood: oh yeah!


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  1. 15 September 2014 / 17:20

    Nice photo Joey! Running solo isn’t easy, I remember from doing the marathon training this time last year.

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