::inspiring Mondays::

A Sunday by the river
“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you're really busy; 
then you should sit for an hour."
Old zen saying

 I read the quote above today and it really struck a chord with me. I don’t meditate and I’m not planning on starting now, but the quote made me think of inspiration. Perhaps when things aren’t so good is when you need to work harder at seeing the sunshine in the little bits. The minuscule bits. The whatever size bits. Perhaps inspiring Mondays are more needed when your days are as grey as the January sky in good old Britain.

When inspiring Mondays left me, it was because of the commitment of doing it for over a year on a specific day of the week, regardless of my mood or social calendar. The day inspiring Mondays return to me, is the day I need them to hold my hand for a while and tell me it will all be ok. Much in the style of Nanny McPhee, really.
:: my Mother.
:: text swapping with Mother. It’s the way she calls me daughter, a derivative word of it which makes
my heart warm.
:: dark green nail polish.
:: shiny black boots.
:: excellent housemates.
:: my friends. the ones who drop everything to hug me. and feed me. and be my rocks.
:: walking.
:: photography.
Inspiring Mondays started of as my little ray of sunshine beaming through the unfair dislike people
have of… Mondays.
Inspiring Mondays developed to become my search for said little ray of sunshine on grey days. And
blue days. And yellow days. And any colour days, really!
Some days you have to work harder than others at being happy.


  1. Michael Maia
    28 January 2013 / 20:02

    Every cloud has a silver lining.As every monday has a blow of inspiration.;)

  2. cococita
    28 January 2013 / 20:17

    The quote caught my attention too! Warm hug to you! Wish I could be there to listen to you while having tea together … If you need me: I am just an e-mail away … xxx

  3. cococita
    28 January 2013 / 20:18

    PS: yay for your nail polish! 🙂

  4. Plasma Engineer
    28 January 2013 / 20:20

    Would sitting and watching a canal help at all? Come for a cruise on my lovely boat one day soon. Last weekend it was glorious sunny winter cruising. And you could happily not meditate while you were there. Bring some friends and a bottle of wine too if you like.

  5. MissLilly
    28 January 2013 / 21:06

    I think its nice to take the time once in a while to think back on how the day / week / month was and to think about what we want to do next. or just sit down and let our minds flow wherever they want to go… I normally have those moments before sleeping and I enjoy it. Or let myself get lost in the pages of a good book (heres a good monday inspiration).Beautiful photo as alwaysWish you a great (and inspiring) week ahead

  6. vivaciousmel
    28 January 2013 / 21:37

    Little smile. Little hugs. Little Miss Joey, sending little rays of sunshine. Mxxx

  7. giselemorgan
    28 January 2013 / 22:28

    I love your writing and you are inspiring me to find my little ray of sunshine during this cold, gray January. After being in sunny and hot Brasil for 3 months, Im having to look for it a bit harder 🙂

  8. Little Miss Joey
    30 January 2013 / 21:31

    I know I said I write for myself, and I do, as Im writing, but once its out… reading your comments is the best thing! It really warms me how you are lovely and supportive, as well as sharing what youre up to! Thank you ever so much :)x

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