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It’s beautiful outside and summer seems to have arrived to this wonderful island I now call home. I’ve been in the UK long enough to know that if you see a ray of sunshine you’re out of the door enjoying it that very second… or you may miss it. This means that a lot of the things I had planned to have done by now are calmly (and oh so happily!) waiting for summer to pass while the Joey absorbs sunshine and grows freckles!

I’m loving the sunshine and the hot weather and the smell of BBQ and summer salads. I absolutely love the smell of summer salads!

:: summer!
:: sunshine!
:: sunbathing in the garden. LOVE!
:: cycling to work. It’s been amazing.
:: jugs of Pimms. Oh yeah!
:: my friends. I love them.
:: the summer light through my window. Favourite bedroom, I will miss you.

How’s your Monday? I hope you’re having a sunny and happy start to the week!



  1. ei! kumpel
    9 July 2013 / 14:47

    eu ainda mal acredito que estamos a ter tempo de verão no verão… tem sido maravilhoso e muito bem aproveitado!

  2. cococita
    10 July 2013 / 10:59

    Does that imply that you have found a new home? :)Enjoy this adorable season sweet lady! Loving this photo by yours!

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