change :: May update

My life has changed in May and I wrote about it in more detail here. As I go through the previous change updates though, I realise this (almost) means very little – my life has been changing since January. Isn’t that what life does? 
May was a long month, with big ups and (what now looks like little) downs and a lot of learning. I finished the product design I wanted. It involved installing an invisible zip for the first time ever – bit fan now! Thanks to my running buddy Nicky, I did run 8k in May – it felt amazing! And then I wanted to be sweeter… oh well… maybe I wasn’t as sweet as I had hoped for, but I baked these little things instead!
I’m thankfull to May for bringing me good news as well. The fear never really goes away anymore, but it’s something I’ll learn to manage and live with. For now, we can smile a little smile of relief around here.


  1. cococita
    31 May 2013 / 19:48

    Perspective: thats one of the best things about living this life. How after a while and from some distance we learn and acknowledge that we are a lot stronger than we sometimes think we are. Wishing you the most beautiful month of June: may it bring you a Home with plenty of light, some space for an LMJ studio and -maybe-some place for a kitten or two 🙂 Hug!!!

  2. Little Miss Joey
    21 June 2013 / 11:29

    🙂 such happy thoughts! Thank you my dear Elke, for all your support!xx

  3. Little Miss Joey
    21 June 2013 / 11:34

    🙂 such happy thoughts! Thank you my dear Elke, for all your support!xx

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