preparing a Sunday post

So while I seat here going through a backlog of photos that could keep me busy until 2012, just in time for the Olympics (first mention!), also hoping to find something there worth posting, I leave the inspiration I'm relying on just now…   from April and May   and… Right, it's back to photo sorting for me. And iTunes updating. And possibly chamomile tea to fuel it all!

the reason why

home It all started because Little Miss Joey has a blog in Portuguese. And a friend named Nicky. Nicky does not speak Portuguese but read(s) Joey’s Portuguese blog anyway (using google translator!). Of course Nicky doesn’t just read it, he sometimes asks for translations when google is having a really bad day and often moans moaned he feels felt left out and Joey should start a blog for her English fans ie him. Sweet really, you might say, were you not aware theirs is a mick-taking-sarcastic-heavy friendship. But as they say “compliments will take you a long away”, even mick-taking… View Post

Oxford is…

  Oxford is sometimes a peaceful and quiet Autumn afternoon for us to collect our thoughts… and go back to them when we realise how we could have trailed a different path from that day onwards… had we known… but we didn't know… And yet again Oxford comes to our rescue with a moment's silence for the little piece of us we can't get back from that day. Oxford is all those serene late afternoons when I'm free to find myself… so I can enjoy the other Oxford!