::inspiring Mondays::

I typically have more coffee on Mondays. Fact. Not true today.It was painful to wake up. I was slow. Very slow.But still I felt inspired. On a Monday. ♥ I went running. 24 minutes. Yay me.♥ It was sunny. Pretty much all day.♥ Photos from Paris. Want to go. Again. And again. Here.♥ Girly chat on skype with dear friends. I like it.♥ M from Belgium, who's only one of my best friends, just booked tickets to come visit me in April. All in all… what's not to love about Mondays, really? Ok, about this Monday! P.S. – The photo is totally unrelated, but I… View Post

new beginnings

  This weekend Oxford was a place for new beginnings… for my cousin and I. We grew up together. We played and laughed and were children and became teenagers and then a bit older than that and I moved away and we grew a bit apart without really knowing it. Only this weekend when she came to visit because she needed her new beginning, have I realised how this time together became our new beginning. And I like Oxford a bit more for giving us that.


Sources here   I like yellow. In fact, I love yellow! (and red and red with white polka dots and white, but today it's about yellow so let me focus for once!)One of my teachers used to say "if it weren't for different opinions, what would happen to yellow?". Needless to say I never quite got why yellow had been singled out for this insightful yet quite mean thought about said colour. And that made me like yellow even more (we all love an underdog, really!).   Yellow has a smile attached. Typically mine. Frequently other people’s – sunshine is… View Post