Organised chaos!

The juggle is real! SO. VERY. REAL!

I’ve read lots about working full time whilst raising children, I’ve spoken to colleagues, and I’m doing it myself just for good measure. The opinion is unanimous – it is a struggle.

Some days, my life seems to be an endless list of chores, from laundry to cooking to grocery shopping, before and after a full working day at a fun yet busy job, with a dash of guilt every time I sit on the sofa exhausted after yet another sweet and uber long bedtime and choose to knit instead of tackling the mild chaos that is our house at the end of every. single. day. no. matter. what. we. do!

Other days, my life is indeed said endless list of chores.

For the last 22 months since returning from maternity leave, I’ve been seeking answers, solutions, miracles, ANYTHING, to make the juggle easier. The only thing I’ve found that really makes a difference is how you see it all – it’s your PERSPECTIVE!

I don’t have actual tips. Meal planning is not a thing I can really keep up with beyond a vague notion of a menu based on our Riverford box. Laundry; well, what can be said about laundry other than there’s always always always laundry? Nothing, in my opinion. Work emails have a life of their own; read when you can reply, reply when you read, be done. But meaningful tips and tricks that mean I have hours to enjoy leisurely as I please, without us eating ready meals and wearing the same clothes for days on end? I haven’t found those.

I have, however, found peace of mind in accepting the chaos with the incredibly amazing bits of life as a parent. 

I’ve been so fortunate to be surrounded by women who get it and who are generous and honest with their support of others. I will forever be grateful for all the honesty and hand holding I’ve received.

That support and the feeling I’m not alone nor am I less for feeling this way (and this was key too!), has been so important in helping me accept this is how it is right now – constantly playing catch up on all fronts whilst soaking up baby cuddles and the privilege it is to be in the juggle.

The juggle will still be here. Some days better, some days not so good, but ultimately here, and that’s ok for now.

What won’t be here are the baby and toddler days. Those are fleeting and one day I’ll blink and they’ll be gone, along with the mess and the noise and the constant demand, and yes, knitting all the things will be nice as will be drinking hot coffee cups uninterrupted, but… I will miss the little hands on my face saying I’m their best friend. I will miss those hands and that little sweet baby voice forever. I can live with the mess for now!



  1. Diogo
    4 February 2020 / 18:53

    Nice to see you’re back 🙂

  2. cococita
    2 March 2020 / 23:51

    I’ve missed you here, you and your writing.
    No single doubt about the pure fact
    that you are a wonderful mother.
    Enjoy every single bit of it, of real life.
    We only do have one life
    and we have no time to loose.
    Marie Kondo’s world is pure fiction.

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