The blank editor holds as much promise as it does nothingness. Some days, the promise is all I can feel. Other times, I wander as if lost in the white space, unable to give it a form beyond the freedom it offers. Today, I feel the promise.

I know why I’m here. And it contradicts my top one tip for comms work – think of your audience. I am here for me, in spite of my audience, or lack thereof. I am here because I want to write and I want to write here too and I love this digital space as much as I do my paper notebooks.

Long ago, I stopped using yearly words. There was something about them that felt jinxed to me. And I laugh in the face of that, yet… So as not to jinx myself, for who does that deliberately to themselves, right?!, I shall remain yearly-word-less, but..

Acceptance. I want to practice more acceptance this year. Mainly of me. My shortcomings, my goals, my everything in everything. I want to accept all the time I don’t have and the sofa time after a sleepless night and a hard day at work. I want to accept this stage of my life so I can embrace it fully, because I love it.

I love having my toddler. I love that he is strong willed and determined. I love that he wants me. I love that I’m his happy place. I love that he makes me stop and be present. And I want to be present. Fully present. For this is a fleeting moment in our lives.