It’s been five months


It’s been five months. Five months of daily thinking about writing. Five months of summer, autumn, and winter. Five months of joy and tiredness and excitement and laziness and a bit more tiredness. Five months of all the things. With the exception of writing. And reading, I’ll own up to that, there hasn’t been much reading going on here.

I’ve been busy in the era of busy. I try not to be busy. I don’t find it cool to be busy, but busy I have been. And tired. And choosing other priorities for my non-working hours, like knitting (lots of!), sewing (a fair bit of), instagram checking (embarrassingly lots and lots of!), instagramming (embarrassingly little of), and chilling (the perfect amount!).

The most beautiful light is coming through the window and part of me knows that my non-writing relates to that, somehow. This light feeds me so many words and that bubbly feeling of inexplicable happiness.

All of a sudden, I want to share. I want to share the world, my world, but mostly the little things. Like how I need a coffee right now because my hands are cold. Tea is for the afternoon, red berries, the only tea I seem to drink these days, making me feel much like the warm winter light hitting the left side of my face right now. Spring is coming, and then summer. I like that.

We’re lucky to live here, I can hear the birds chirping away and no other noise.

I have coffee. Black coffee, I’m off cappuccinos these days. It’s hot and both my hands and body are in coffee heaven! I also have a massive to do list to plan. At the moment, all the things are going through my head. Literally, all the things. But I have my planner (GTWB, I’m looking at you!) and my notepad and in a moment all these thoughts will be neatly put together to form a list and a plan of action, my favourite! I may need more coffee, especially if I let this one go cold, somewhat of a trend around here as of late (or ever!).

Right, I’m off to soaking up this sunshine and putting my goals down on paper. Have a great Monday!



  1. 13 February 2017 / 21:07

    I had wondered what happened to you! Glad to hear that you have coffee – hope we will be reading more from you, in the near future.

  2. Nicky H
    13 February 2017 / 22:15

    Love this photo of Olivia. Back on form Joey!

  3. 14 February 2017 / 22:03

    My sweet friend, it’s so good to read you again. And to see you go back to the little things, as the little things are so you!
    I can relate to your excitement about the light
    and your writing makes me miss not only you, also the cosiness of your home and the happiness I always experience in your surroundings.
    Enjoy the glorious light of late winter, the promise of spring
    and all the planning and dreaming.
    Here, right now, one piece of dark fair trade chocolate is keeping me company, together with a big glass of water and the cutest cup of Belgian filter coffee (my current favourite) with a cloud of goat milk.
    Life is good, although I miss you a lot. Did I say that already?

  4. 17 March 2017 / 10:58

    My dearest friend, embracer of my nostalgia and little things approach to life, how I miss you too. Miss both of you, actually! Dearly!
    I would love a hot chocolate right now, a frothy velvety one, my absolute favourite and hard to achieve and get just so. In its absence, I’m reaching for another Nespresso decaf and calling it good for now. Something about the comfort of holding the cup that makes up for the less dreamy content on this occasion 🙂
    Much love!

  5. 17 March 2017 / 11:00

    🙂 Good to have you here! Slowly getting back into the rhythm. That’s not how one is meant to start and keep exercising, but it’s a start nonetheless and the forgiver in me is on board :_)

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