::inspiring Mondays::

The sun is shining. 
Let’s read that again. The sun is shining.
That sentence alone could be the whole of inspiring Mondays today, but… there’s more! I know, amazing, right? 
The sun is shining and the weekend was amazing(ly productive) and the week looks good from where I’m standing. I’m almost lost for words because the reason I re-started this little series was to notice all the happy in my life and not to boast about it. Guess some weeks are easier than others and that is part of the process; by documenting it here I’ll have some track record for whenever I need to absorb goodness and written light 😃
This weekend has been so restful and productive! The two words don’t seem to fit together, but they so do in my current book. You see, part of the reason I’ve been so tired lately is that I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by this to-do list and the damn thing must weigh about 100Kg! That’s a lot of extra weight to carry around for a small delicate flower like myself! By ticking so many things from said list like I did this weekend, I gave myself SO.MUCH headspace it feels like an empty loft up there at the minute – great feeling!
In case you’re wondering what I could possibly have achieved this weekend that is making me walk on air, I’ll put your mind at ease. So, first mega thing – I finished my final Christmas present. Yep, you read it correctly, a 2015 Christmas present was still on my to-do list. It was a custom request, something I hadn’t done before which needed materials I hadn’t used before; and then we had visitors for a number of weeks and I couldn’t use my sewing machine. I know! The two gym pouches with waterproof lining are now ready to post to my friend and I'm keeping my fingers crossed she'll love them enough to forgive my (small?) delay…!
There was more – I posted a massive parcel business related (18kg roll of fabric, yep!), collected my first Crafter's Box parcel which had been chillin' at a Parcelforce depot, had a good pub catch with dear friends, watched a film and all the Six Nations Rugby matches, prepared lunches for the week, sorted more of the house, and went for a short run. I'd forgotten how much you can fit in a weekend when you just go for it.
:: magical morning light ♥
:: cuddles with little Olivia ♥♥♥
:: rekindling with old friends – ta mucho Facebook. 
:: sewing to my heart's content!
:: listening to Serial Season 2 – it's as good as the first season, brilliant!
:: Häagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake. enough said!
:: working slowly on a Miss Maggie Rabbit Softie, by the incredible Alicia Paulson!
A great start to the week on this side of the screen. How are things where you are? Sending you lots of sunshine from beautiful Oxford!

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