::inspiring Mondays::

Oh look, what's this? Inspiring Mondays are back?, I hear you asking… or not!

I don't know if the series is back, but I needed it today so – here we are! Hello, people! Having a good day?
For the first time in what feels like forever, I had what the internet would describe as a typical Monday – unwillingness to leave the warmth and softness of my bed, everything going wrong right left and centre, and let’s throw in a bad hair day for good measure. And how about some gusty winds, would you like some’ them? There, done. And rain too, preferably all at the same whilst you walk to work. How does that sound? Good? You got it.
So, in a nutshell, this was my morning. A blanket of greyness that got me to my desk looking sad and pathetic and feeling sorry for myself. Until I slapped myself – metaphorically! Wake up woman, this is nothing, nothing, and most certainly not a real problem. So I snapped out of it pretty quickly, but was left wanting some perspective on things, the kind of perspective that lasts longer and makes me smile and host a whole sunshine inside – and that is inspiring Mondays! 
Back in the day I ran the series, I was way happier. Life was different then, and simpler, and I was in a permanent state of grace and glorious summer. Now? Well, not so much. I’m still happy, don’t worry, but it’s different, you know? It’s not all charming smiles and spring and butterflies. Now it’s more run of the mill feed the cat do the laundry do more laundry and the dishes while you’re at it kind of happy.
Ultimately, life evolves and that is great, I get it. It’s great that things aren’t static and you get to do different things (or the same things, if we’re talking about dishes and laundry, those perpetual house tasks!). Yet, true to form, I miss those carefree days of inspiring Mondays. I can’t have those back, and in many ways I don’t want to, but I can bring the good bits to light again. Oh yes I can!
:: little Olivia sleeping next to me, a little bundle of fluff and love ♥
:: Book of Mormon, the musical. I’m still laughing, it’s that hilarious. and clever. my absolute favourite combination!
:: a long weekend, with fabric shopping, said musical, a Brazilian restaurant, a whole day of nothing – oh yeah!, a blog refresh, house tidying, and a good catch-up with friends = weekend heaven!
:: WhatsApp calls. thank you, WhatsApp. seriously, thank you!
:: an incredibly sturdy – and red! – umbrella. brilliant!
:: getting wool for a teeny tiny crib blanket for a new teeny tiny new cousin.
:: WhatsApp groups. seriously, WhatsApp, you deserve a full inspiring Mondays just for your awesomeness. THANK YOU, from Joey and co. 
And I could go on and on and on. Do you know the funny thing? When I sat down to write this, I thought it would be tough, to get the good things out amongst the blurry grey. I thought I would be flexing the muscles and exercising my ability to see the world through summer glasses, but… Turns out, it wasn’t, it wasn’t at all hard to list any of the above, the little enormous things that make my life colourful and happy. 
Guess it is true what they say about happiness being a way to see life. I’m holding on to these tinted glasses then, me likes!
How’s your Monday been? Hopefully not too wet and preferably all warm and lovely!


  1. 9 February 2016 / 11:18

    Great to have you back.
    Inspiring Mondays seem like a great way to start the week. Deliciously Ella does something similar on Instagram (yes, I follow her on Instagram – don’t judge me, please) – and yesterday’s positive thought was ‘name five things you love about you’. She noted, and I agree, that it is always so easy to point out great things about others, and yet we rarely do it about ourselves, or our lives (as you did here).
    About the Book of Mormon – do you think that this is something suitable for watching with a teenager (14 yo)?
    PS – I am with you, on the laundry bit. How come, there is always so. much. laundry to do?!

  2. 9 February 2016 / 15:53

    You are back and I feel happy about it 🙂
    To many, many more, my dear Joey!

  3. 9 February 2016 / 21:44

    Thanks, Ana, so nice of you to say! 🙂
    I’m not judging at all, I’ve heard good things about her. That is so true!! I’m trying to list them right now and it’s surprisingly difficult, even though I believe I have a decent self-esteem 🙂
    I’d say so – if anything, it’s harder for the teenager 😛
    Seriously now, I believe it is suitable but I also feel I should say they sometimes use strong language, are not politically, and mention female genital mutilation.
    It is an incredibly accurate (how the Elders come to our door is a classic!) and cleverly put together musical. A lot of the fun elements are things we all thought but are not as ‘humour articulate’ to put quite in the same way 🙂
    I know!! Laundry is freaky!

  4. 9 February 2016 / 21:44

    Thank you, my lovely!! I feel I’m back and I love it 🙂

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