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We're one step closer to making this business of ours a reality, my brother and I. I've spent the last weekend sewing, getting us ready for a Christmas fair this coming weekend. I'm excited and petrified, possibly in equal measure. I've established measures of success and then changed the goal post… And then moved it some more. Because, you know, you want to be realistic but not too much and certainly not too little, until basically all your ideas of what success looks like are hiding for cover! 

I'm afraid of the dark so naturally I thought I was quite used to (and proficient at) being scared, but this? Totally novel and way more frightening! And yet, unlike the dark, I keep moving towards it in excitement! I wonder if this is what those people in horror films feel; you know the ones – those who make us shout at the TV, why oh why are you going upstairs to check on the noise? Leave the house now! type of people. I never got those people but maybe today I do, a little bit. What am I saying? I still don't get those people AT ALL. I'm moving towards a good thing! And I'll keep you posted.
With the end of November, starts the series of dinners and celebrations and fun and family time that is December. What the end of November forgot to bring was a restorative sleep, so I remain in this dull state of permanent tiredness that insists I curl up on the sofa with little Olivia and some knitting. Whilst this strategy is working, not much more than the bare minimum gets done around here, as a view of the garden may prove. And yes, sewing six poufs and a mascot doll count as bare minimum. 
In case you're wondering, French class is going well, I sat a test yesterday for which I'd barely studied and felt like a rebel! What an amazing feeling it was and what a shame I didn't let my young self experience it at all. Whilst I still don't endorse not taking education seriously (and therefore not preparing for evaluation), I've grown to not endorse fretting as much as I did back in my school days. If I were writing a letter to my younger self, this would definitely get a mention!
I'm still in search of the fulfilling creative project of 2016 as I'm yet to have an epiphany on the matter. I do still want it to combine photography and writing, so if you have any ideas send them my way, s'il vous plait.
The one sort of idea I'm contemplating relates to this space here and how it all started, back in December 2010. I say sort of idea because my brain seems to stop at ah the blog, would that be a creative project worth exploring? So I never get into a deeper consideration of what I could be doing with it that would turn it into said fulfilling creative project of 2016. A part of me really wants to think about it some more, but another part points out I've been sort of doing this for 5 years now, blimey!, so this is what it is, but… I guess we'll see what comes out of this creative thinking.
And one final thing I have to share with you, because my ego is now as big as an air balloon! My friend Deb wrote the nicest things about this blog, things I didn't even know were true! So much so, I'm now filled with creativity and energy and desire to write and photograph and create. The balloon will soon return to its normal small person size, but her kindness made my day – a good reminder of how we can make others smile! 
Have a lovely weekend and think of me tomorrow, smiling away at my first craft fair!

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