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The day started off glorious, absolutely glorious. As I sat at the table having breakfast, I saw it turn, slowly at first, until that familiar all-covering grey took over the skies. What ensued was depressing and wet and dark. From my desk at work, I saw it turn again into sunshine in all it's autumnal glory.

There's something magical about the autumn light in this country that makes me love it above any other time of the year. I'm a fan of seasons, more than I am of any particular season, but autumn in Britain? Well, autumn here really makes it hard not to pick a favourite!

So when I saw this workshop (Into the Woods: an intimate gathering, celebrating the things we love most of all – sewing, fiber arts, good healthy food, yoga, and the beauty and adventure that can be found out of doors in a New England winter), and the beautiful images, and the scenery, and the cosiness, and the possibility of dedicating a few days to crafts, and chats by the fire, and that sweet feeling of just relaxing, I wanted to jump at it and grab it. But it's far far away and I can't go. I wanted this in the UK, please, pretty please, pleasissimo (made up word, tells exactly what I mean!).

As the sun shines through the window and life feels somewhat wonderful, I realise I'm in need of a holiday. Unusual for me, I'm in need of a holiday where I do nothing, absolutely nothing, because knitting and reading don't count as doing something, everyone knows that. I'd been thinking about a warm sunny break this month, but as I drool over the workshop above (not literally, I'll have you know), I know that I'd much rather a knitting by the fire sort of break. With walks in scenic woods. And photography. And reading. And music in the background. How's that for a Friday dream?

As with most of my dreams, not all but most, I did a feasibility study – which basically means I took to the internet and asked a few questions here and there, or maybe just on Google, always Google, and found a few knitting retreats in the UK. More specific than I was hoping for, but so much better than nothing at all. And of course as luck would have it, dates for this year are not compatible with my availability. Ah… to be within reach of a dream and see it drift away… the pain!

With all else failing around me, I took it upon myself to provide me with a retreat experience, at home. You know, like a pilot for a future real retreat. Sadly one that includes laundry and doing the dishes and hoovering, but hey, I can only make omelettes with the eggs I have at hand. The most important thing is that my home retreat will also feature aforementioned knitting, aforementioned cosy fire warmth, good music, some photography, and – unlike any proper retreat – snuggling with the sleeping beauty below. Guess that makes it the best retreat ever!

And on this note, this daredevil of the home retreats is signing out for a weekend of housework and peace. As if the two could ever go together. Haha! Have a good one too!




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