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Hello there! It’s Wednesday, it’s been a spectacularly long day with far too many minutes and not enough hours, I’m tired and had dinner whilst walking home from work (what have I become?!), so… I’m now home drinking a deliciously warm cup of red berries tea in my enormous mug and I thought to myself “Do you know what’s missing in your lives right now? To see the face I gave the little frog I knitted centuries ago!”. Yeah, that will cheer up the world!

So voilà! Cute handmade frog face done!

This frog is now my goddaughter’s best friend and in spite of fearing a little for his life (and that of his dear face), I know he’s up to the challenge. He was already quite cheeky in his faceless days, so this is just a must deserved upgrade.


Another thing I thought would rock your boats this evening would be my 365 Photo Project. But that will have to wait another day, or two, or several. It’s alive and… well, alive!… I’ve just not had the time to share the monthly updates but there has been – much to my surprise – a photo of a day. This is definitely telling the story of my no-time year, even if it hasn’t been the best to push my photography creatively. There’s still a lot of Olivia, coffee and tea!

Have a great evening 🙂


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  1. 10 September 2015 / 06:45

    I love the description of the long day as one with “far too many minutes and not enough hours”. Oh. I love the frog’s face 🙂

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