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I love coffee. And the smell of coffee is even better! Excellent coffee, mind you!

And yet I can't drink an espresso to save my life, nor do I ever drink black coffee. Purists, take a deep breath! 

When I first moved to the UK, almost nine years ago (time flies when you're perfecting your relationship with coffee!), I drank instant coffee for a while, but I quickly discovered it wasn't for me. Insert the cafetiere!

I bought a cafetiere when I moved from Bristol to Oxford, in January 2008. Instant life improvement, pun intended! At the time, I was drinking coffee mostly in work, so coffee at home was a weekend treat that gave Sundays (it's always Sundays, with me!) a special flavour of relaxing and sunshine and all things good. Until I went home this one time.

My parents use a stove top cafetiere, since I can remember and to this day. Waiting for me, was a mini version of theirs; a simple yet utterly heartwarming gift. You see, coffee and how my parents made coffee is one of my oldest childhood memories. The way their coffee is so much better than mine, even when they're right there watching me make it when I'm well into my thirties. Emulating that morning feeling I only get at theirs became a favourite of my bittersweet life as an emigrant for six years!

Fast forward to 2015 and say hello to Nespresso. The thing I really fancy these days are cappucinos. I can't drink black coffee and don't really enjoy sugar in my coffee anymore, so… How to resolve this? Cappuccino! 

I let go of my childhood morning rituals and created my own. Mine contains a capsule and a gorgeous red coffee machine with a milk frothing glass. I'm also incredibly fortunate now that what distinguishes weekdays from the weekend are the number of cappuccinos, not the presence of them. It's like all my mornings are Sundays! Well, almost! 

I'm pretty sure I started this post to talk about coffee and put in a good word for Nespresso. Turns out it became a little journey to childhood memories through coffee… oh well, such is life!

Hope you're enjoying your coffee today 🙂



  1. 6 September 2015 / 12:10

    Coffee has always been so linked to my childhood. You see, I always loved coffee and there are photos of me 3 years old, having milk with a tiny drop of coffee. I used to “lick” the spoon when my parents where drinking coffee. I love the smell of coffee in the morning. Love a good espresso, a cappuccino, a latte, a machiatto, you name it!
    My goal is to have a professional machine at home, but due to lack of space I went for the nespressos instead. Did you know that you have Portuuese capsules like Nicola? I can have a “galao” in the morning and that makes me travel to portugal for breakfast. In London I have a red Krups like yours and the aeroccino to do the perfect creamy capuccino, so easy! the capsules are quite cute too 😀

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