::inspiring Mondays::

I may have said it before, but I’ll say it again – inspiring Mondays are to me what meditation is for people around the world as per the Zen proverb above.
I had grand plans for this week. In my head, I would be chilled and relaxed and not tired at all, ready to be busy and breeze through my long to-do list. Life, however, had other plans. In reality, I am a tad bit stressed and oh so tired I may need to revert to the good old siesta. Oh wait, I can’t! Bed at 20h it is then… because that doesn’t make you feel ancient; at all!
With my plans for the week ruined tweaked, I’ve prioritised my to do list so that the day job definitely gets done. This will make for a few relaxing evenings around these parts as I fully accept I can’t have incredibly busy evenings and go to bed late and get back into running early in the morning and take over the world through cute photos of Olivia whilst also being productive during the working hours. I’m ok with that.
My revised plans involve tea – I think drinking tea before bed is slowly but surely creeping back into the already noticeable shorter days, don’t you? – a bit of knitting, a little bit of life admin, a dash of finishing up the spare bedroom (which got painted last week and emptied itself into every other room in the house!), and watching Spooks on Netflix. With my typical gold fish memory for TV series that aren’t Friends (or Big Bang Theory), I’m surprised to see how much I still remember of Season 1!
I’m sure three paragraphs ago I would have gone through a few things that are keeping me going these days and adding a splash of yellow to my Monday. Here goes:
:: my family visited for my birthday and it was the best! This will keep me warm all the way to Christmas!
:: we had a BBQ with lots of friends and a couple of children – three things: excellent weather, yay! Olivia didn’t leave the garden, she wanted in on the action, albeit as an observer only, yay! Being surrounded by dear friends was what I needed to get out of the slump I always get into when I part with the family, yay!
:: the Saturday morning walk to the farmers’ market and the local butchers. it’s the simple things, always!
:: a freshly painted spare bedroom and having the chance to ‘start over’ with it, a little bit anyway.
:: looking at overlocker machines and being spoilt for choice thanks to a generous birthday present from the parents. 


  1. 6 September 2015 / 12:18

    awwww such a cute kitty, is that your one? well, yes recently have been too stressed again but fortunately holidays are just 1 week away 😀 I try to relax by listening to music and doing things I enjoy doing and think about more positive things as well 🙂
    By the way, I’ve nominated you for the sunshine blog award (I guess I’m inspired by the beautiful sunny sunday). Hope you enjoy the questions. Enjoy a relaxing Sunday

  2. 8 October 2015 / 23:25

    Little Olivia, yes 🙂
    A British rescue.
    AWWWWW… that’s so sweet! I’ve only just seen this, but it’s perfect timing – it cheered me up no end 😀

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