state of affairs


I'm enjoying the summer, whichever version of it we get each day. My favourite – of course! – are the sunny hot ones, but all are accepted and appreciated, even when on the sofa eating ice cream and watching Spooks once more. 

I'm behind on a couple of things, especially my 365 Photo Project… reporting! I'm all caught up on the project, haven't missed a day – sometimes just – and am still loving it, even if it feels like I'm managing to get a photo in each day rather than plan and think about it and improve my photography that way. That particular aspect is not great, I'll admit, but I do love having that daily commitment!

My knitting is on a slow burner; I finished a red cardi I'd been knitting for a while and it turned out BIG. I mean, you-look-so-slim-in-it BIG. The yarn is gorgeous, the pattern is gorgeous, and yet the fit is oh so poor. I've been googling ways to shrink your garment and shall be trying those soon!


The parents and little brother are coming over this week and I realised this was *the week* at 5pm last Friday! I can't believe how this year is flying by, but perhaps that's just what ageing is all about because I'm sure I said this last year. I have a rough plan of things we could do but mainly, I'm excited to have them over and spending time with them.

I haven't been running for a month and that annoys me. First it was this, then it was that, and then I blinked and a month had passed. Yes, the weekend lie ins were great, but c'mon Joey! You know better! 

My sewing list keeps growing whilst nothing gets sewn. Really! The trousers I started in November are almost there, key word being almost. We were so close, so close, to finishing these in July… so close! But then class ended and we all know they're just going to stay in the bag until the next class… oh well!

Fortunately, I'm on top of a few other things – cuddles with Olivia, always on top of that, I am; good food, an absolute must; and gardening! Thanks to AMAZING friends, the garden has gone from jungle to lovely space I want to do gardening in and be patient and watch stuff grow in. Life is good if I can be persuaded to be patient!



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