pasteis de nata and other good things


Pastel de nata – a typical Portuguese pastry – is internationalising itself, much to the delight of this Portuguese emigrant *insert all sorts of happy faces here*.

Taylor's of Oxford now have it available at a counter near you or not, but it's certainly worth the trip! Admittedly, they need to tweak a thing or two in the recipe to make it just so, but hey, I'm not complaining, they're good enough and I'm happy; did I mention that?

Good as pasteis de nata are, they're not my only source of happiness these days. Last week, I delivered my first ever official training in (and on) communications… and I loved it!

Yes, I've been doing public talks for what feels like fo-re-ver. Yes, I've lost most of the stage freight that comes with it. Yes, I know it thrills me to deliver a message I believe in. Yes, I've been doing the exact same thing one-to-one for years, advising people on public speaking, crowd control, talking to the media, but… this was different; this was a session within a week-long course. Yep, that makes it official in my eyes.

I hope the participants found it useful and inspiring! I hope they took everything they had wanted to take from the session, and a bit more! Workshops are, first and foremost, about the participants and what they make of the experience. 

But… if you're a speaker out there trying to dodge an event, don't! You will get so much out of it that you should consider yourself lucky for the opportunity. The funny thing is – what I feel right now is exactly what I tell people when I'm pushing inspiring them to do talks and engage with the world. It's good to be reminded every so often that it really does work like that. Every single word.

Have a lovely week everyone 🙂


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  1. 15 July 2015 / 18:04

    The training sounds great. Would you mind sending me the course materials so I can learn from the wise LMJ?

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