bits of a Sunday


I have to work today, you know, day job work. There's a lot on at the moment and I need a bit of extra time, the sort of time you find on a Sunday. Unlike working at work, it's hard to start when it's the weekend and you're home and there are so many inspiring stories out there competing for your attention. So I've succumbed to those stories for a little while, to get myself fired up and ready! 

Humans of New York. I, along with 8 million others, am a fan of this amazing project created by Brandon Stanton. I follow it on Instagram and Facebook, read the blog, and marvel at the strong stories portrayed. I've always been intrigued by how Brandon gets people to open up to him, even more than I was curious about how he got them to accept to be photographed. With a keen interest in street photography – what seems to be a distant goal now for my photography – I wanted to know how he did it all. Turns out, he told a group of students at Dublin just how he does it – it's all down to simple human interaction; isn't it always? It's a brilliant video, do watch it if you can. I also read this post, because I had time (not!), of course…!

Soule Mama's blog. I've been resisting this blog since forever. I love the photography and I love the projects – rope baskets here I come – but I always felt there was no time to be this perfect in life AND maintain a blog about it, so this just added unnecessary pressure to my otherwise sheltered existence. Today, I succumbed. How could you not? And how have I resisted this long? I must have a greater self-control than previously thought… hum… make a mental note of that. I truly appreciate the flow of photographs and text, how the two are not necessarily linked but complement each other beautifully, how it all just flows

I'm ready for lunch. And then onto a presentation that needs to be informative, inspiring and funny, so I've decided. With coffee, life just tastes better with coffee. Have a lovely Sunday, folks, preferably with plenty of sunshine and time to enjoy it.


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