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So, I failed at daily blogging in June. I didn't fail because I forgot to blog on two separate occasions, nor because I didn't find the time to blog since last Thursday. I failed because I chose to switch off when in Portugal and that was the best thing I could have done… for myself, not so much for the challenge.

When on Friday I realised I hadn't posted anything the day before, I didn't feel bad at all, nor guilty, which is novelty around here! In fact, roughly at the same time, I worked out I wasn't going to do it until I got back to the UK anyway.

Going home and being there is my chance to connect with the most important people to me. And I need to make the most of that chance whenever I have it. I also love the online detox I get to do when I'm there and how refreshed I feel when I come back, even when I've been running around meeting people right, left and centre.

Interestingly, I only seemed to have learned this now, even though I've been an emigrant for 8 years and three quarters. The day before I traveled, I was merrily chatting away to friends saying I never get to relax when I go home because I'm so busy touching base with everyone, all the time, non-stop, no breathing space for Joey. And it's true, I never stop, really, when I'm there. Yet, it all feels slow paced and relaxed. Who would have known that *all of it* is my breathing space? 

If you're curious, and you may not be, I did eat sardines (but just the once; boo!!) and I *almost* cried on leaving (progress?).

My lessons?

1. I can blog when I'm busy
2. I enjoy blogging when I'm busy – it makes me focus on other things and chill!
3. I don't want to blog when I'm in Portugal – connecting with loved ones and switching off fully is my absolute favourite and I want to make the most of that opportunity!

Onwards and upwards!


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