cycling in Amsterdam

On the bike

I didn't blog yesterday. Not because I didn't have wifi – OMG The Netherlands is the absolute best for free wifi! – but because I forgot. I completely forgot about the online world and anything that wasn't having fun in Amsterdam. Such is life! So, back to topic.


On Sunday, four of us moved to a boat in Amsterdam for a couple of days. Because that's what you do after you've been to an incredible wedding, you prolong the awesomeness for as long as you can! 

And then we decided to rent bikes and join the natives. Except that we're very clearly not natives and height isn't the only thing that gives it away! We should have got bikes fore foreigners, with normal hand brakes, but in all that excitement we just went with whatever the shop gave us – Dutch bikes.

Braking by back pedalling does not come naturally to me; nor does cycling fast when I can't be sure I'd brake in time. Scooters on the cycle lane freak me out and people pulling in front of me because everyone can swerve obstacles are at best, naive. But I made it and what's more, I enjoyed it! I'm not sure the experience was quite the same for the natives that had to put up with me, but hey – you lose some, you win some, I've left the country now! Until next time 🙂

Photo by Vivacious Mel Photography


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