in Holland for a wedding

We’re here! This may sound obvious, as I’ve been saying we’d be coming for a few days now, but trust me, it is still impressive we’re actually here! We went through bag-drop off and security with a couple of minutes to spare!! Why do you need more, really? It’s wasted time.

I could tell you all about this story, but it still stresses me out so we’ll move on to the fact we made it to the plane, all four of us. Then there was the view above and let’s face it, how not to be soothed by this cotton-y spectacle?

Until you make it to the train with 10 secs to spare and one of you is left behind on the platform! Then you’re a bit stressed again and papers are flying and you bash your head onto the little table in between the seats. And you can’t open your eyes for the rest of the journey…! At least that puts an end to the stress – que sera, sera!

And then, after what seemed like a chaotically eventful journey, we made it to our destination and life was good again! We laughed about it all – yep, true! We had some food. We met with old friends and had a good catch up and all was well when it ends well!

Today? Relaxing and slow morning before we head for the BIG wedding! So happy for these two that I have butterflies in my belly! Let the day begin and with it the most beautiful time of our lives… lasting forever!



  1. 13 June 2015 / 18:51

    haahhaahha what happened? taking any train in uk to the airport is always quite stressful, you never quite know what could happen.
    enjoy the wedding 🙂

  2. 20 June 2015 / 22:54

    I got there fine… my friends driving from Oxford met a packed M25…!
    It was SOOOOO stressful!

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