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going away

I’m going to Holland for a few days, starting tomorrow evening. I can’t wait! There will be a wedding of dear, dear friends, and there will be restful days and a lie in, please! There will be photography and reading and sightseeing and more chillin’, because my head needs it more than my body.

Little Olivia has invited a couple of human friends over to look after her; clever girl, this one. They have stayed before, enjoyed it and weren’t put off by her inconvenient wake up times – it’s a win! Let’s see how they cope with the constant branch gathering she does with her fur… watch this space!

blogging everyday

The real writing every day challenge starts tomorrow. Up until now, this challenge has been a walk in the park, except it hasn’t, but it’s been fun and relatively easy. Much like when I did this challenge in November, it’s all about just doing it. And once you accept you’ll be doing it, you just do it and that’s that; it really is that simple. But…

Being away changes everything! What if I don’t have internet connection? It has happened before… I know… shocking, but true! What if I dance so much my feet tell my hands not to type? It’s possible, they talk! We can’t really predict what’s going to happen when we remove our systems and safety nets. And yet there’s always a phone, and wifi, and a LOT of determination to make it work… once again, watch this space!


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  1. 12 June 2015 / 18:10

    Have fun and remember to take your running shoes!

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