May in images

Month five and – yep! – I still very much love this project and love even more that I’m doing it. I also love this month’s mosaic, love love love! There seems to be a lot of love going on here… and there is!

I reached the lowest point in the project so far in May and realised a couple of useful things from it. Number 1: things improve when I write about them; the written reflection really helps me see through the mist, clear my head, gain perspective and focus on the important bits – it’s great! Number 2: nothing lasts forever, which is fantastic when you’re going through a low point; it too, shall pass, just hang in there!

May is a beautiful month in the UK and then there’s Olivia, beautifying the world by existing, so we’re good. There was Pimms, yarn, running, sewing, good food, good coffee, a photo walk, and as per usual, lots and lots of little Olivia.


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