back to running

I ran not one, but two half-marathons on consecutive weekends (in different countries, because that’s how I rock!), last autumn. As a natural born non-runner, training was hard and that first race in Lisbon was tough! By the time I ran Oxford’s half though, I knew – and my body knew – we could do it. And so we did.
Back then – a whopping nine months ago! – I was under this sweet illusion that I would keep running after the races and keep my fitness level up and enjoy life. Turns out, it didn’t quite happen like that! All the training went to waste straight away and I didn’t get back to running until *cough cough*… more *cough cough*… March!
March, ladies and gentlemen, March. And even then, it wasn’t to be on a regular basis until 1.5 months ago. *insert loud swearing and how could I let this happen and not make the most of it hissyfits*   I can come up with a list of reasons and excuses, and I can certainly swear a bit more in frustration, but ultimately none of that matters. All that matters – and all I can change and choose – is what happens from now on. And from now on I am running at least three times a week and fulfilling one of my yearly goals.
Let the miles accumulate under my feet!

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