morning plans

There was a plan this morning – to leave early and photograph in town on this beautiful day. After all, it’s been far too long since I photographed the Radcliffe Camera and mornings are my favourite.

Yes, that was the grand plan. But then the above (and below) happened and the plan had to change. I mean, it just had to. This week has been busy and I think little miss may be missing my attention. I sure miss our little moments of chillin’ together as if nothing else needed doing. Ever.

Cats, and pets in general, are a great reminder to pause. Pause and absorb life whilst being still for a moment. After all the play and chaos and hair that needs constant hoovering, a pause to just be and enjoy it.

So, my camera won’t be filled with images of the beautiful Oxford buildings on this sunny morning, but oh my do I feel calm and relaxed and prepared for the day after a cuddle with little Olivia!


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  1. 3 June 2015 / 11:47

    Here is also a little miss who asks for similar attention. We really have our rituals together and they mean so much to me. Nature and its wonderful creations is (are?) a great teacher!

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