::inspiring Monday::

I’ve smashed my big toe on the bike’s pedal on Friday. The toe and I barely slept, we were in pain. I went to Thorpe Park on Saturday for a hen do. In flip-flops. My feet were cold. And wet. My toe was nothing short of disgusting. And painful, blimey was it painful! My toe and I then sat through drinks and nibbles of said hen do. Everyone on the floor, feet out, chatting away! Toe was washed and dry, but still cold and disgusting. I hoped everyone in the room was short-sighted and had left their glasses at home, because you know, I’m nice like that (and didn't want to catch even a glimpse of my drooling toe)! And then there was dinner at a nice restaurant; so glad for solid wooden tables that hide one’s feet. Amazing! That and taxis. And mojitos, mojitos are always cool!
Toe is better today. In flip-flops still. Therefore, cold still. But dry. Still disgusting, bummer. But… Mondays bring healing from the pains of Fridays. That’s my message, in case you were wondering! Mondays rock! As do mojitos, even though I haven’t had one since Saturday.
In addition to the pain and bad looks, my banged up toe brings further inconveniences. I have to buy a pair of fully open sandals for the wedding I’m attending THIS weekend! Last minute, of course, because being organised and having sorted my outfit back in December (for the first time ever!) had to backfire somehow. 
And yet, wonderful moments are all around me!
:: waking up to a curled up Olivia at my feet ♥
:: three days on and my toe has stopped hurting – gotta love Mondays!!
:: sunny weather and the smell of spring.
:: Olivia enjoying the garden. heart melting!
:: cooking for friends. lovely!
:: Whatsapp. our 'family' group is just the best!
How was your Monday? Inspiring and bright? I sure hope so 🙂

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