March in images

Month three and I am very much still in love with this project! Which is good, considering we’re only 3 months into the one year goal! I can also still do it, even if it was a bit touch and go earlier in the month (winter nearly had me!).
March finally made me accept that weekday photos will mostly be with my phone - and therefore most of this project won’t be done on the big camera – and that is ok. I work full time, winter was long and only now am I enjoying that blissful feeling that is coming home in full daylight, so… Let the photographs (and stories) roll without a care for what camera is used!
I can once again see the story of my month in these images; it’s a story of love for Olivia, much like February. I wonder if this will shift, not the love – obviously! – but the stories. Will the images be more varied as this love of ours settles and becomes the underlying story rather than the in your face one? Will I keep photographing little Olivia every other day because her cheeky face makes my day? It doesn't matter, really, but it’s fun to think about what the project will bring… and then let it bring whatever my eyes see on the day.  

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