February in images


Month two and I love this project! I can clearly (still) do this… what I struggle to do was February. I've had it in my head for years now that November is the really dull-when-will-it-end month for me, but February really gave it a run for its money in that category. How can the shortest month feel soooooo long?

February was all about Olivia! Clearly my 365 photo project is telling the story of my month quite accurately. It's also telling me that winter is now getting to me and I've become lazy and desperate for spring and a bit of warmth. How can I tell? Of the 28 photos above, only 5 were taken with my big camera.

On day one of this project, I accepted that I would use the camera on my phone; it wouldn't be realistic otherwise. But… the plan was (and still is!) to use my big camera more than the phone camera. March, let's roll!



  1. 3 March 2015 / 16:41

    Someone is loving her cat; someone is loving your cat and the warm feeling it gives you; someone is counting the days until it’s warm again in your country; someone is missing your country; someone is missing you; someone’s cat wants to meet and cuddle you; someone wants to sip rosé wine with you while enjoying the warmth of her country.

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