bits of a weekend


To summon spring, I spent the weekend doing a spring clean, oh yeah, that's how my weekends rock! Said spring clean summoning included sorting photos and catching up on that dreaded life admin. To cope with it all, there may have been copious amounts of tea – red berries, current favourite – and Olivia cuddles. I'm still here (only better organised and sorted and with a clean house), but Spring isn't so… my plan didn't work in full!

During all the time I spent cleaning summoning spring, all I could think of were my knitting projects, current and future. I think I may have a little obsession. I did not think about photography, even though I'm enjoying my project and want to explore different things in – you guessed it – spring!. I did not think about sewing, even though I sorted through my fabrics and allocated a few to cute projects. All I thought about was my knitting, how fast I can knit the current project to move onto the next and the next and the next… spring, please come soon and shake me up – I have other hobbies I want to enjoy and think about too!


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