Olivia Marble

“But if you tame me,
then we shall need each other.
To me, you will be unique in all the world.
To you, I shall be unique in all the world.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
Little Olivia has been in my life for two weeks and it’s pretty much like she’s been around forever – with room for the relationship to grow. It’s a great feeling!
Olivia is a three-year old cutie, with fluffy long hair and eye brows that put Einstein’s to shame. She’s small, cuddly and sweet. She’s shy but not lacking in personality. She’s finding her feet and it’s a great thing to watch. At the moment, she follows me around and sleeps on my lap whenever I sit down; she's not fond of being picked up though… yet! She meows with the mute button on and is refreshing my memory on all the things you must not leave out when there’s a cat in the house.
I’m in love and she’s beginning to know it.
The adoption
This is clearly not for me, the ‘choosing’ bit. I’m also not very good at letting the cat choose me as the one I went to get actually entered the transport box, but…
I wanted a cat in need of a home and that meant picking one. This is was new territory to me; all other cats I’ve ever looked after were given to me. They all needed a home and I felt I would never be able to choose anyways, so it worked for me. This time was different – nobody was coming to give me a cat, I had to choose one. How do you choose, people? How do you choose?
I went on Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue’s website and chose one. I chose Olivia’s sister, a pretty little thing but then again, aren’t all cats pretty? Yes, they are! Their owner passed away recently and Olivia and Tina were left all alone in the world. Luckily for them, the awesome people at the BWRC took them in and set about finding them suitable homes, preferably separately as they weren’t really on the best of terms. And here is where the story gets interesting… and happy and sad!
When I got there to get Tina I realised she was gorgeous and confident and forthcoming and people would be queueing to get her; I believe this is called ’selling yourself better'. Olivia, on the other hand, hid behind a curtain and hoped for the storm to pass. Turns out, curtains are not great hiding places and my heart ached for this timid black and white girl who went to great lengths not to be adopted. And the rest is history… and a life lesson. Or two.
The aftermath I
Two weeks have passed and I cannot forget the one I could not bring. I play it over and over in my head, only to discover I would be in the exact same position had I chosen any other cat; that day, before or since. I’m just not cut for this. My mind keeps wandering to all those I did not choose. This means Olivia was probably the last cat I ‘chose’; it’s likely I’ll get Popeye by asking BWCR to send me a difficult adoptee. For what is Olivia without her Popeye, right?
The aftermath II
Always adopt; rescues are the best.
As much as I love kittens, adults are amazing and fully trained; be open to adopting them. 
Don’t be put off by anti-social behaviour; being in a foster home or in a shelter with other animals is a stressful experience for the best of us. Give the animal a chance and you’ll see it open up to you when you let it.

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