January in images


A full month of the 365 photo project and my first thought is – awesome! Second thought is – I can do this! 

One of the things I wanted to find out was if my photos would tell the story of my month. Looking at the January collection, I think they do tell a story, a bit of my full story, and that's ok. I remember the photos, I remember the inspiration and the lack of, I remember the moments, the planned and the unplanned. 

I love looking at the collection above and seeing a bit of my story. And I love not seeing the full story!

January, much like the end of last year, was a month of decisions and emotions. It was a month of taking risks and going with what I want, because it will be fine, just fine, it always is.

January was the month I met Olivia Marble, my cat. It was the month I let go of the fear of what will be, in favour of trusting myself and what I can do. 

January was a good month, all things considered. Just like the days are getting longer, hope for sunshine is firmly installed around here.


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  1. 3 February 2015 / 13:09

    Love this photo collection of yours: your little snippets are back. For me, it’s your style of photography that I like the most. Yay for spring being on its way and for more light, yay for your cat! Such a miracle: it’s great to have one soft plushy thing waiting for you when you come home, isn’t it? Where did you find her? Wishing you great times together! Warm hug to you and Olivia Marble!

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