yellow Monday


Today was a beautiful day. Bright blue skies*, lovely pinky sunset*, crisp fresh air. I woke up early but easily and had a wonderful hot shower – I never cease to be thankful for the invention of hot showers! I had fresh bread and coffee for breakfast and cycled to work; it was dry and quiet, my favourite. I had delicious leftovers for lunch – roast pork Portuguese style anyone? I went for a nice walk at lunchtime, cleared my head and felt invigorated, just what I needed. I photographed for my project and am writing wrote here. 
To me, today has been (so far and touch wood!) a good day. Not excellent – I haven’t won the euromillions just yet – but good and happy and yellow. The opposite of what this Monday should have been.
Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year – is today. Whilst I can see the reasons why it is seen as such a gloomy day, the Monday advocate in me wants to speak out. Worldwide depressing days must be grey, surely! And it was sunny today, people, sunny! Today was a good day!
I’m hoping this is a sign my year will be bright and happy and yellow. Transforming Blue Monday into Yellow Monday must count for something, right? 
* sadly there are no photos of today’s glorious beauty; I’ve enjoyed it all and kept it to myself! The photo is from a similarly beautiful day last week 🙂

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