365 Photo Project


Yay! Yay! Yay!

I'm very excited about taking a photo every.single.day in 2015. Part of it is the creative challenge that comes with such project, part of it is the desire to see my photography improve. And then there's that ultimate goal of reaching 31 December 2015 with 365 photos of my year.


Will this project tell the story of my year? Will each photo be a reflection of my day? Or all of them combined portray my year? My wish is that they do, but I cannot tell if that will happen. All I can say is that I'm motivated to do it and find out at the end, almost a year from now.


I hope my collection of images shows a variety of themes, subjects, light, shadow, moods, stories, but more than anything I hope they reveal the eye who took them and the storyteller behind it. 


All of those wishes belong in the future, carved out of the daily rhythm I'll create for myself and the project. For now, I'll enjoy each photograph, its moment, its story, its creative journey (or the that will do, donkey, that will do! moment of surrender to the circumnstances), and the happy yellow it will bring to my days.



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