goals for 2015

Goal setting is something I enjoy doing. That alone is a good reason to do it, but there are others.
Goal setting makes my dreams feel tangible! And gives me focus and direction, as if I were on a goal path to the ultimate aim. Ah, the sound of grandness in baby steps!
For 2015, I have a small list of things I’d like to achieve. Big-life-changing things and small-life-changing things. Some are a goal in itself, others will be made up of a number of smaller steps. Some I’ll blog about, others I’ll keep to myself because that’s cool too.
Be happy.
Simple. So simple. 
It sounds more philosophical (or unattainable) than it is.
What I mean is – keep finding that sunshine and yellow light everywhere.
Complete a 365 photo project
Whilst the title of the project is overwhelming, I’m taking it a day at a time. I’ll photograph what I see, how I see it, and, on occasion, just what I can. 
Blog three times a week
I write (pretty much) everyday. It’s what I do. When I don't write, I think about what I’d be writing, so I might as well be writing. What I don’t do is blog everyday. And I still won’t. But… 
I will (aim to) blog three times a week. Much like the 30 day blogging challenge, a lot of it will be about letting the writing run free and keeping it simple. When it becomes a habit, there may be some structure too; or not, we’ll see.
Go for a walk during my lunch break (whenever possible)
Just a walk. Get some fresh air. Take it in. Enjoy it! 
Of course there may be days when this is not possible – meetings happen, or pub lunches, or things I can’t even foresee just now - so I’m not giving myself too strict a target with this one.
Knit the Biscotte’s Folly socks
I’m not quite sure why knitting these socks is a goal, but it is! These will be cool to knit and funny to wear. And that does it!
Run 10K in 59 minutes (or less, hahahaha!)
A girl can dream. And I girl can run her way to that dream!
This one deserves that full stop. I must declutter. I will declutter. Blimey, I’ve written about how to declutter successfully!! Clutter, I’m on to you!
All of the above seem achievable from where I’m standing (perhaps I shouldn’t move then!).
Better get working on making it happen.  
Elise created these cool goal tracker sheets which I’ve been using to mark my daily/weekly goals. So motivating to see those dots appearing, one after the other, slowly but oh so steadily!

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