Wednesdays rock


I woke up at 5:30, got up at 6:00 and by 7:15 I had a first batch of brigadeiros ready for tomorrow's work event. Yay for mid-week productivity!

I had an AMT coffee. I love AMT coffee and confess I always (truly always) smile when I have a chance to get one. To me, this means being in the vicinity of the train station!

I discovered Serial, the podcast, today. Technically, I've been hearing about it for ages, but I finally gave it a go as I cooked those brigadeiros so very early. And I'm addicted! I'm already on episode 6, of 9! It's really well made and incredibly gripping. The thing is, we will possibly not know if he did it or didn't…

I'm baking chorizo bread. As I write, two batches are slowly rising in the kitchen. I'm debating whether to cook them this evening or wake up again at an ungodly hour for maximum freshness… decisions, decisions, decisions!

I'm enjoying a small glass of red wine as I finish writing this post and prepare for the evening's knitting, glittens. Chilled evening for me!


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