::inspiring Mondays::


Yellow. Yellow makes life brighter and happier! Or it certainly works that way for me. I took a little walk at lunch time to get much needed chocolate advent calendars – thank you, Lindt! – and couldn't help but smile at the fierce yellow of the little leaf above. I guess Autumn colours are nature's way of helping us cope with the greyness of days.

:: yellow! 
:: yellow yarn. two skeins wait to be turned into a hat and mittens, because obviosuly I needed a yellow set!
:: living in Oxford. I don't want to forget how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful and beautiful place.
:: November really wasn't that cold. big score in my book!
:: films.
:: sofas and blankies and feet up on a pouf, watching TV and savouring red wine.

Hope you had a sunny Monday; failing that, hope there was some yellow around to make you smile!


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